the next busta album - what do YOU want?

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the next busta album - what do YOU want? Empty the next busta album - what do YOU want?

Post  WWW.CONGLOMERATEFANS.COM on Mon Jul 06, 2009 7:24 pm

so...after millions of spins through the new album....i guess u got some ideas of what u want on the album?

and what do you dont want to hear?

(guests, producers, type of tracks)

i want a busta & kanye track...or a feature with d'angelo

other than that, im pretty open minded. i guess the next album wont have that much auto tune (choruses: arab money, we want in, we miss you, hustlers anthem 09,) lol

the last two albums seem more planned on what type of content is has (soundwise), than his other previous albums. and im pretty sure the next album will be in the same pattern, either u like it or not.

club tracks; touch it, arab money

r&b: sugar, we miss you, i'll do it all

personal: decision, been through the storm, dont believe em.

back on my b.s. was very planned with the "right" guests/choruses, to get mainstream attention: lil wayne, jadakiss (newly released album), akon, t.i., mary j blige, ron browz

its a shame that all those tracks were leaked, it really hurts an album when "big" tracks gets out like that, and they keep delaying it. and it ended up having to compete with comeback albums from both redman/meth & eminem.......

i was surprised that jelly roll was involved that much in two tracks...

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